Establishing Communications to Enable Success Search and Rescue Missions

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24 November 2014 : News & Events

Thuraya partnered with its Indonesian service provider PT Mega Sarana Satelit to provide a comprehensive range of highly reliable mobile satellite solutions tailored to address Badan SAR Nasional’s immediate communication needs. Through a contract awarded to PT Mega Sarana Satelit, Badan SAR Nasional will install a combination of Thuraya IP terminals, the Thuraya Integrated Communications Solution from Ultra Electronics – AEP, and Thuraya NettedComms from Speakerbus. The phased implementation of Thuraya’s various technology solutions is set to be completed by 2014.

Thuraya’s satellite handsets were widely deployed and served as a key enabler for rescue teams to communicate with ease, leveraging the superior voice capabilities of the Thuraya XT and Thuraya XTDual to significantly enhance its operations.

PT Mega Sarana Satelit is also working with Badan SAR Nasional to play a more pivotal role in helping the agency adapt to evolving communication requirements in its search and rescue missions. The implementation of the Thuraya SatSleeve, for instance, will allow rescue personnel to gain quick and easy access to mobile satellite services (MSS) during emergency situations using their smartphones. Faced with the increased demand for video surveillance services, Badan SAR Nasional decided to deploy Thuraya IP terminals over other competing platforms, as the Thuraya equipment consistently delivered high-speed broadband connectivity to facilitate real-time data transfer and reliable video streaming as a means of sharing critical information.

Rusidah Suhardi, President Director of PT Mega Sarana Satelit, said: “During emergency incidents where Badan SAR Nasional needs to be activated for search and rescue missions, their teams can depend on the Thuraya IP terminals to transfer high-quality images, or even video footages, within minutes of arriving at the site. Backed by Thuraya’s satellite infrastructure, we are able to support 2 Badan SAR Nasional by delivering dedicated solutions that are conducive to their immediate situation assessment and subsequent rescue efforts.” 

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