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      Thuraya SatTrack for Marine

      Maritime Tracking and Monitoring Service

    • Thuraya SatTrack is a web-based tracking and monitoring service, developed for fishing vessels fitted with the Thuraya MarineStar voice, tracking and monitoring solution. It is a low-cost turnkey subscription-based application available to users as part of Thuraya’s SeaLite portfolio of narrowband services. SatTrack facilitates sustainable fishing practices, better crew safety and welfare as well as fleet visibility and management in real time.

      Thuraya SatTrack helps MarineStar users stay in command and gain vital market advantage, while ensuring compliance with national and international fishing laws and regulations. Various tracking types and terminal alerts can be configured on the system enabling owners and operators to track and monitor their active vessels in real time.
    • Thuraya
    • Benefits

      A low cost turnkey web-based service offering tracking and monitoring

      Provides an easy-to-use online dashboard that displays data reported by Thuraya MarineStar terminals

      Enables fish catch reporting which is critical for sustainable fisheries

      Assures better crew safety and welfare through notifications and SOS

      Ensures improved vessel visibility & management

      Supports condition-based monitoring through third-party integrations

      Boosts operational and vessel efficiencies

      Flexible subscription-based model

      No bill shock

      Ideal for Regulators, Ministries of Agriculture and Fisheries, Ship Owners, Ship Management, Port Authorities, Coast Guards, Maritime Transport Authorities and Coastal Surveillance Agencies

    • Thuraya Push-To-Talk

      Seamless Connectivity

      Managing person-to-person communications is challenging, when your work involves conversations across different communication lines. Around the world, public entities and private user groups such as police, fire brigades, military, ambulances, utilities and NGOs require dedicated communications systems to carry out their day-to-day operations - safely, securely and efficiently.

      The Thuraya PTT solution has been developed by Thuraya in collaboration with Cobham SATCOM, to help users manage communications seamlessly and as cost-effectively as possible. It keeps your mobile workforce connected and extends the range of voice communications beyond line-of-sight (BLOS), regardless of where the workgroups are based. Apart from streamlining communications efficiently, Thuraya PTT enhances privacy, workforce productivity and collaboration.

      Uninterrupted, real-time voice and data communications
      Combining the technological expertise of Cobham SATCOM with the rich market experience of Thuraya, Thuraya PTT creates a robust, reliable and secure communications platform that enables users to reach out to an active work group at a push of a button. Our PTT solution consists of an IP-based radio communications solution that supports satellite/3G/LTE/LAN backhaul and Land Mobile Radio (LMR) integration to provide seamless switching between available networks in any situation. It is a cost effective integrated solution providing seamless connectivity and interoperability.
    • Thuraya


      Increased coverage with amalgamation of legacy 2-way Radio, cellular and L-Band satellite

      Interoperability among different groups with simple integration of their existing radio – analog, DMR, P25, UHF, VHT and Tetra with L-Band satellite

      Reduces expensive terrestrial infrastructure costs

      Compatibility with a wide range of brands of land mobile radios

      Uninterrupted and seamless switching between satellite, cellular and LAN, ensuring zero loss of connectivity

      Limited bandwidth needed for each PTT call

      Availability at all time for critical communication

      256-bit AES Voice encryption

      Delivers real-time data

      Competitive pricing

    • Thuraya SatTrack for Land

      Vehicle Tracking and Monitoring Service

      Thuraya SatTrack for Land is a web-based tracking and monitoring service, developed for land vehicles fitted with the Thuraya T2M-DUAL tracking and monitoring solution. It is a low-cost turnkey subscription-based application available to users as part of Thuraya’s M2M/IoT portfolio.

      Thuraya SatTrack for Land helps T2M-DUAL users stay in command and have visibility on their fleets. Various tracking types and terminal alerts can be configured on the system enabling owners and operators to track and monitor their active vehicles in real time. As a result, they are able to make critical decisions quickly and efficiently, boosting overall safety and cost savings. SatTrack subscribers get seamless access to comprehensive data points for informative insights.


      Online dashboard

      Vehicle tracking


      Driver behaviour monitoring

      Remote programming

      Remotely configure Thuraya T2M-DUAL & send notifications

      Real-time collection of data through sensors and CAN Bus

    • Thuraya
    • Thuraya

      Thuraya M2M/IOT+

      M2M technologies are changing the way people live and do business. Businesses will evolve and grow at the speed of the Internet of Things (IoT) as it becomes an integral part of the business fundamentals and future outlook. The need for real time, always-on, reliable, and secure connectivity that reaches beyond terrestrial networks has never been greater. We’re looking for developers who specialize in developing market specific M2M solutions. Thuraya understands this fundamental technological shift and is building value-driven solutions. Here are the sectors Thuraya M2M services can support by integrating our game-changing M2M network and terminals: smart utilities, connected oilfields, security and safety, border control, ATMs and points of sale, connected cars, critical infrastructure, fixed and mobile remote assets monitoring, lone worker safety.
    • Thuraya

      Thuraya Aero

      Thuraya Aero is an in-flight connectivity and data-sharing platform that uses satellite communication to provide internet access, text messaging, phone calls, VOIP, video and audio conferencing as well as aerial surveillance. This airborne communication system was developed through Thuraya’s partnership with the Aero Group, a global consortium of established players with impeccable credentials, namely Cobham, SCOTTY Group, and SRT Wireless. Aero syncs seamlessly with Thuraya’s L-band network and provides an easy onboarding interface for various peripherals and sensors.

      An ideal communication solution for low- to medium level and beyond line-of-sight (BLOS) flights, Aero delivers new and exciting capabilities for high-end applications such as search and rescue (SAR), ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance), office-in-the-sky, military missions and telemedicine. While providing high IP data speeds, the service is very affordable as it offers operational cost saving options.
    • Thuraya

      Thuraya VSAT+

    • Our latest MarineComms service, Thuraya VSAT+ meets today’s mounting vessel management needs with simplicity. This integrated platform transforms marine connectivity by increasing offshore bandwidth capabilities, and effectively caters to all vessel types and maritime budget requirements.
      The VSAT+ operates as a fixed-price package, combining resilience, high data speeds, quasi-global coverage, flexibility and affordability. Customers demand more than connectivity these days. They want to reduce operating expenses without compromising operational efficiency. Thuraya VSAT+ ensures that every single stakeholder in the value chain delivers the best solution and value to the end customer.
    • What it offers
      A secure, integrated maritime service

      Increased bandwidth capabilities

      A secure, integrated maritime service

      Increased bandwidth capabilities

      Easy installation & troubleshooting

      Maximum efficiency at reduced costs

      A strong maritime alliance provided by Thuraya, ITC Global, iDirect & Hughes

      Key applications
      Office-At-Sea | Crew Welfare | Vessel Databases | Cargo Manifest | Crew Training | Maintenance Reports | Chart & Software Updates | Cargo Conditions Reporting
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